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Additional Benefits

 Through the East Berkshire Executive Job Club, you can:

  • Attend Chamber of Commerce networking events
  • Get Interview Help (2 hours + Videoed test interview)
  • Use Adult Directions
  • Network (via LinkedIn) with other Members/Volunteers

Details are as follows:


    Maidenhead and District Chamber of Commerce and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce have kindly agreed to welcome Job Club members to their regular networking events. These meetings are free of charge for Job Club members.

    Benefit to you:

    For the Job Club member – the benefit is to have an opportunity for face-to-face networking with employers to ask for information and advice, thus extending and renewing their potential networks for job search. For the Chamber – it is seen by employers as seeking to assist them with their recruitment challenges by welcoming job-seeking managers.


    We have our own video equipment which can be used for preparing for your interview.
    It would be helpful to all concerned if the practice session is in readiness for an upcoming interview. In that situation the volunteers can prepare for the interview based on the Job advert, Job description, your CV and cover letter.

    Benefit to you:

    The interview is geared to the actual interview you are about to undergo, so it gives you the opportunity to see how well you perform and to practise any responses to difficult questions.
    It will leave you feeling more confident and better prepared.


    LinkedIn is a free Internet based networking tool similar to Friends Reunited. It allows you to connect to friends and colleagues in a business environment sharing your CV and business profile.

    Benefit to you:

    Through LinkedIn you can share your CV and business profile with Club Members and Volunteers, investigating common areas of business interest.


    Adult Directions is an online careers matching and information programme, which will make suggestions based on answers given to likes and dislikes regarding careers.

    Benefit to you:

    Redundancy can be the opportunity to embark upon a new career and Adult Directions is a useful tool in thinking about the possibilities

Important Note:

Information is given in good faith. No responsibility whatsoever shall attach to the East Berkshire Executive Job Club or any person acting on behalf of the same in respect of any advice, information or assistance in whatever form it may be provided for the benefit of members, dependents or others.

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